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Our Story

Who We Are:

Nubiacom Ltd was founded and registered in June 2013 as a primary vehicle for the delivery of international telephony. Through the years we have expanded into other areas of the Information Technology industry and aim to continue growing so we can use our expertise and experience to bring better quality of service to the market.

What We Do:

We deliver technological expertise in Data and Telecommunication Services, Networking, Website Design and Hosting, Innovative Software Application Development, and Information Technology Hardware. While we mainly achieve our business objectives through our various our brands, we also provide some products and services directly branded as Nubiacom.

Why We Do IT:

We aim to achieve greater things through the use of technology and to help make the world a better place through our innovative thinking and actions. We like what we do, we enjoy what we do and we find our purpose on earth by delivering technology to enhance quality of life. We believe in human advancement through ethical use of technology.

Our Belief System

Our Cornerstone:

Our name derives meaning from the Nubian Empire of ancient Africa, which is historically well known for its highly rated trade and commerce in precious goods including gold, {Nubiacom = Nubia Commerce}. This name is carefully chosen to reflect the balance in our beliefs; 1.) We know the Nubian Empire was highly successful so they must have had advanced technology for their day. 2.) We are confident that there was a culture of collaboration which helped to produce success. 3.) We also believe that even though the Nubian Empire was highly successful, it existed within a geography of a rich ecosystem which included trees and animals!

Our Core Beliefs:

We are an organisation inspired to achieve greater things through the use of technology. We are founded on ethical values that stem from a strong traditional people-oriented ethos. While we like technology, we also love our environment as we believe that every good thing we do can only continue to prosper through the generations if we safeguard the environment for those who will come after us.

Ethical Innovation

We believe in the implementation and use of technology to achieve greater things for the collective good of humanity and the eco-system.

Teamwork and Togetherness

We believe in working together, sharing and developing ideas, within our teams and externally, through open and honest communication.

Safeguarding The Environment

We believe in safeguarding and sustaining our environment and natural resources for a stable and healthy future of planet Earth.