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Business Digital Services

We are here to make life easier and better for your business, so we provide solutions for business telephony, cloud solutions and connectivity; be it linking multiple sites or networking within the same site. Our business services are classed as follows:

Networking and Broadband

Hosted PBX with Contact Centre capabilities

Landlines including Geographical and Non-Geo phone numbers

Website Development & Hosting

Get online with our professional web design service which enhances your online visibility. From simple to complex, our website design team will create, host, and update the site for you. Our website service encompass:

Internet Identity - Domain registration and transfer of extensions such as .com, and .org, and more

Afordable, flexible and reliable hosting on robust and fast response servers.

Web design and enhanced web service to enhance business profitability


International Communications

We provide affordability through our local and international telephony service where we optimise services for business and residential customers.

Global Mobile Airtime remittance

Robust call management platform rich in user options for account management

Low-cost international calling

Analytics & Application Design

Our software applications are designed following a through analysis of business operations. We aim to produce applications that solve current business needs and provide opportunities for new opportunities without adding undue complexity.

Applications for day-to-day management of healthcare industry bussinesses

Workforce management tools such as time logging and remote worker interactions

Application developement based on user idea to meet niche requirements